On a ridiculously cold morning years ago, we found ourselves lost in the backstreets of Florence. We had a choice: lose our hands to frostbite or give up hope of ever finding Michelangelo’s David. We chose the former and hit the first cafe in sight to regroup. The smell of roasting coffee was intoxicating and we never wanted to leave. A row of locals crowded the bar sipping their impossibly tiny espressos and ignoring us completely. We looked around for Audrey Hepburn circa A Roman Holiday. We found the best coffee of our lives instead.

Back in the streets of Melbourne, we searched for the same coffee experience we had had in that Florentine bar. We wanted to recreate it in our kitchen without messing about with expensive machines. Without having to become baristas. To be honest, without having to bin our beautifully, but utterly unItalian Nespresso® machine. So we cut out the middle man, skipped the clone pods we could buy at the local supermarket and sought something truly Italian. We went to the source. Back to that cafe to ask what brand of coffee they used, so we could bring it to Australia and into your kitchen.

The bar used Gimoka, a family company that started La casa del caffé, a small roasting and coffee house on Lake Como 30 years ago. From coffee growers to Italian piazzas, Gimoka has provided incredible coffee to Italy’s bars without losing its soul for decades. Every ‘chicco’ (grain) is sourced directly from producers all over the world and is fairtrade. Gimoka is a member of Café de Colombia and the 4C Association, both world leaders in providing environmentally and economically sustainable coffee. It’s also biologically certified. Before ending up in your espresso cup, the coffee is roasted artisanally and packaged into pods. These tiny little capsules mightn’t look like coffee excellence, but they are what every Italian family uses for the best quality coffee simply because they never lose their just-roasted flavour and provide the perfect extraction every single time.

We sipped our way through the Gimoka range and (slightly buzzed) became the official distributor for Gimoka in Australia. From producers all over the world, we found the perfect Italian bar coffee for every taste and every strength, even decaf because we don’t discriminate! Now on a ridiculously cold morning, we sip un gran caffé in our Melbourne kitchen, Florentine dreaming. Our pods are compatible with all Nespresso® machines so you can recreate the Italian bar experience at home in less than seconds… no language skills required.

That’s us. Elio. Elisa. Giulio. The brains. The creative. The Italian. A brother and sister team plus one husband. Giulio has been in the coffee business since he was a kid living in Southern Tuscany. His dad still sells coffee there and together they sourced not only the best fairtrade Italian bar coffee, but organised it so our pods are actually cheap than the ones you’ll find in your supermarket. As for Elio and I? We’re eternal coffee lovers and die-hard Melburnians. We just wanted authentic Italian coffee and thought we should invite you along for the ride.