Italian espresso

Fortune favours the brave and the fed up. After an almost transcendental experience in a Florence cafe, we decided we couldn’t handle another day of the rubbish pod coffee we’d been drinking in our kitchen in Melbourne. We wanted authentic Italian coffee. They stuff the Italians drink in bars and cafes. So we went to the source and got our hands on the best coffee pods we could find. Then we brought them back, mostly for ourselves, but also so you can drink incredible Italian-made bar coffee in your Nespresso® coffee machine at home… no foreign language skills required.

Compatible with all Nespresso machines

Why pods you ask? Why not buy one of those Transformer-like machines you see rich people with? Because that’s not what Italians drink at home. Those machines are only good in bars, where they’re used by expert hands. Capsule coffee is not just about convenience. Our capsules create an oxygen and moisture-free environment, so your beans won’t lose their flavour like loose coffee does. And they produce the perfect authentic Italian espresso every time. Not to mention, these babies are compatible with all Delonghi/Breville Nespresso® pod machines. They won’t break your machine or void your warranty. For more on that, read this article in The Telegraph.

delivered to you

Just so we’re clear, you can use our pods with the Nespresso® coffee machine you have at home. And no, they won’t break it. They’re made to be compatible. So you’ll be drinking authentic Italian coffee shipped straight to your door without having to get a new machine. Our blends are made from beans sourced fairly and directly from all over the globe and roasted in small batches on Lake Como (that’s where George Clooney lives). The best part? They cost less than the coffee pods you’ll find at the supermarket. And those pods aren’t even made in Italy! It’s bananas.

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Authenic Italian espresso coffee for less

Whether you're looking for authentic Italian bar coffee or simply where to buy nespresso capsules, L'Emporio is the online shop for you. We don't sell nespresso coffee pods, but nepresso compatible capsules. They're basically coffee capsules that are made for your nespresso coffee machine. So why are they better? With nespresso capsules price is a huge factor. They're ridiculously expensive and aren't even made in Italy - the world's coffee capital. Our nespresso compatible capsules are roasted and produced on Lake Como, Italy by Gimoka, a company that has been producing coffee for Italian bars and restaurants for more than three decades. They've since decided to share the magic of an authentic Italian espresso with non-baristas and have produced a line of nespresso compatible capsules that are not only cheaper, but better. And you can use them in your nespresso machine at home. So why buy nespresso capsules or even order nespresso capsules online when you get real Italian bar coffee for a better price? Try our nespresso compatible capsules and bring a little taste of Italy into your kitchen.