For us coffee is an experience. This isn’t about double soy lattes and caramel shots. We’re stripping things back to basics. Fair trade beans. Freshly roasted and packaged in capsules that won’t lose their flavour over time. This is the coffee Italians drink. Bar coffee. From Florence to your kitchen. What happens next is up to you. But we’re pretty sure it won’t be drinking a cup of rubbish, overpriced espresso.

You’ve probably never heard of Gimoka. The company has humble roots. It started 30 years ago as a small coffee tasting and roasting house (la casa del caffè) on Lake Como. You can still visit the coffee house today to taste the different types fresh from the roasters… and stalk George Clooney if he’s home. Gimoka’s mission is simple: they combine traditional artisan coffee practice with innovative technology.

Initially, Gimoka focused on the professional coffee industry. You’ll find Gimoka and its high-end label Gran Caffè Garibaldi in Italy’s best bars, hotels and restaurants. After a while, the family thought, what about the average Italiano? They wanted him (or her) to be able to drink an authentic Italian espresso without having to become a barista. So they decided to package that same coffee excellence into a range of products for the home.

Gimoka is one of the few Italian coffee companies to do everything in house. They source their own beans, dealing fairly and directly with producers from Colombia to South-East Asia. A team of coffee tasters travels the world to find the best blends. This isn’t single origin coffee, but a combination honed from years of artisan experience and tradition to create the perfect Italian espresso. Gimoka is a member of Café de Colombia and the 4C Association, both world leaders in providing environmentally and economically sustainable coffee. It’s also biologically certified and fairtrade. The green beans are sent to the family’s roasting house on Lake Como where each one is inspected to make sure it’s up to standard. The coffee is then roasted. No two beans get the same treatment. No two blends are alike. Each is roasted in small batches following the same method that’s been used for decades to bring out even the most delicate notes in the different types of beans.

As the official distributors for Gimoka in Australia, we decided the best way to bring authentic Italian espresso Down Under is in capsules. If you walk into any Italian kitchen today, you’ll find a capsule machine. It’s not a question of convenience. For Italians, coffee is a ritual. Bars close, but the desire for a bar espresso is 24/7. Gimoka has used its decades of artisan knowledge to encapsulate the traditional bar experience, literally. They’ve also created their own system for packaging the capsules. They’re heat-sealed and vacuum packed straight after roasting, so, unlike the capsules you buy at the shops, they won’t lose their flavour even if you leave them lying around on the counter.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve very recently introduced a new coffee label, Caffè Corsini. Founded in 1950 in Arezzo by Corsino Corsini, the brand quickly grew from small workshop to a high-end coffee roaster that stands out among Italian coffee companies for its commitment to sustainable, single origin luxury coffees. Today Caffè Corsini roasts more than 4,500 tons of coffee, making it one of Italy’s principal artisan coffee producers. This isn’t mass produced, take-over-the-world-one-chain-at-time coffee. This is Italian coffee at its finest. Quality over quantity. The coffee you don’t want to share with guests, but hoard all for yourself. And we are proud to be the official and only Australian distributors of Caffè Corsini’s artisan line.

Caffè Corsini, Gimoka and Gran Caffè Garibaldi are compatible with all Delonghi/Breville Nespresso® machines including Le Cube, all Essenza models, all Pixie models, all Citz models, all Latissima models, all U models, Maestria and Inissia. They won’t break your machine or void your warranty. You can read more about that in this article from The Telegraph. And most importantly, they’re cheaper than the capsules you’ll find at the shops.