Are our pods recyclable?

Short answer, yes. We’re a symbol of our generation, generation Y. We have a short attention span and an even shorter tolerance for anything that harms the environment. Cards on the table, we have no love for generation Z. But if you’ve been following the latest reports, there won’t be any coffee left by 2080. Still don’t believe in global warming? Suffice to say, they’ll suffer enough without us leaving them with landfills’ worth of non-recyclable pods.

Gimoka is a member of Fairtrade and 4C, two associations that not only promote but also monitor coffee crops to ensure they are environmentally sustainable. They also make sure that all member companies treat farmers fairly and with respect.

If that doesn’t put your mind at ease, don’t stress. It doesn’t put Gimoka’s mind at ease either. The company isn’t content with environmentally friendly and socially responsible coffee. They also ensure that all their packaging is recyclable and low impact.

Unlike other coffee companies, Gimoka’s pods are packaged in one slimline recyclable box. Your pods don’t need individual wrappers or an aluminium sleeve because each is hermitically sealed to create a moisture and oxygen free environment. So your coffee never loses its flavour and you reduce your carbon footprint.

As for the pods themselves. One pretty big factor separates them from Nespresso’s pods. Our pods don’t contain aluminium, but are made from fully recyclable polypropylene plastic. You can simply put them in your plastic recycling bin and forget all about them.

Unless you want to get an A+ as an eco-warrior. Then you really should scoop out the coffee grounds before you recycle the pods. You can use the grounds in one of the awesome ways we described in an earlier post. Captain Planet would be proud!

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Our Gimoka and Gran Caffè Garibaldi espresso ranges are specifically designed for Nespresso machines. Designers spent years making them so they’re a perfect fit, which means they work just as well as a traditional Nespresso capsule and won’t harm your machine in the slightest. The brew process isn’t put under any extra strain when you use our compatible capsules and the coffee produced is just as good, if not better. Also Nespresso has repeatedly stated that using compatible capsules won’t void your warranty, so even if something goes pear shaped (which it won’t), you’re still covered. So sit back, relax and dream of Italy. Oh, and save hundreds of dollars a year drinking our not only cheaper, but also authentically Italian coffee!
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