Christmas coffee cocktail recipe: Caffè Siciliano

This week’s coffee cocktail is another Italian classic. It lives and breathes the ’50s. Basically, if we could marry this cocktail, we would. It’s that sophisticated and smooth and graceful.

The Caffè Siciliano is named after the place that invented it. It’s an after dinner cocktail, but it has none of the sweetness you’d expect. A combination of amaro (the go to Italian herbal liqueur), Grand Marnier and sugar syrup, it’s bitter, but refreshing. Kind of like a Christmas martini. You serve it with a orange draped on the side and channel your inner Mad Men.

We’re using Gran Caffe Garibaldi’s Gusto Top blend for this one. It’s our high-end coffee, so you know it goes down a treat here. You want the coffee to stand up to the liqueurs, which is why we’re using the cold brew technique. It preserves the coffee’s aroma better than a hot espresso that’s been chilled to room temperature. You can get our cold brew recipe here.


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