Gimoka Coffee 101

You’re sitting somewhere gorgeous (or not so gorgeous) Down Under and you’re thinking, ‘Gimoka? Never heard of it’. As far as you’re concerned, authentic Italian coffee is Lavazza… or Nespresso. I’ll give you Lavazza, but Nespresso, they’re a subsidiary of Nestle and are based in Switzerland. As much as we all love the Swiss, they are not famous for coffee.

An origin story

Despite its very unItalian name, Gimoka was born in Lecco on Lake Como more than three decades ago and there is a very simple reason why you’ve never heard of them – until recently, Gimoka lavished all of its coffee-making attention on the professionals, the restaurants and cafes of Italy. Fun fact, in Italy, cafes are called bars, which is so confusing because you picture the dingy and dark bars you know from Australia (or movies) when in actual fact, they’re just cafes minus the chatting yoga mums or seats. In Italy, you don’t gossip over coffee. You drink your espresso at the bar and get on with your day.

An in-house undertaking

Unlike most Italian coffee brands, Gimoka does everything in house. They started as a family-owned roasting house or casa del caffe. Originally, cafes and restaurants would come to them to make their own house blends, which Gimoka would roast to order in small batches. Gimoka has always been committed to having a fair and direct relationship with coffee growers and is a member of 4C coffee association, an organisation that supports an environmentally and economically sustainable coffee industry. Since they don’t have ties to any particular region or producer, they have always sought the best coffee to make the best blends.

Beans, beans…

Gimoka doesn’t produce single origin coffee. That doesn’t mean they don’t make 100% Arabica coffee. When the family decided to branch out into coffee for the home, they designed a selection of coffee blends, both those that are 100% Arabica and ones that mix Arabica and Robusta. But rather than sourcing the coffee beans from one area, Gimoka has a team of coffee tasters that travel the world cupping (tasting the aroma and flavour of coffee) to put together blends. Since coffee is very much an expression of its terrior (place of origin), your 100% Arabica or Arabica/Robusta blend will have a mix of high-end beans from Central and South America, Africa and Asia all with the goal of producing a smooth, sweet and perfectly balanced espresso.

From grains to capsules

Today Gimoka fills 16 million cups of coffee a day around the world and is the fourth largest coffee roaster in Italy. All its beans are shipped to Lake Como green. They’re roasted in small batches and in their individual varieties using a mix of artisan and innovation. Originally Gimoka only sold beans and ground coffee, but after a bit of research, they came up with their own capsule method that sets them apart from other producers. Gimoka is the only Italian company to have auto-sealing capsules. This means each of their coffee capsules creates a moisture and oxygen-free environment for the coffee contained inside. You can keep your capsules lying around on the counter without worrying about them losing flavour. The capsules available on L’Emporio are compatible with all Nespresso® capsule machines. Since Nespresso® is so very popular in Australia (thanks Mr Clooney), it was a natural choice for us to pick compatible capsules and means you can enjoy authentic Italian coffee with minimum fuss.

A word for Gran Caffè Garibaldi

As Gimoka grew, it bought a few of Italy’s other artisan coffee companies. One such company was Gran Caffè Garibaldi, named after the Italian hero. Gran Caffè Garibaldi remains true to its legendary namesake and has become Gimoka’s luxury brand. Its beans are sourced from the best small producers to create an 100% Arabica blend and an Arabica/Robusta mix. We’ve also selected Gran Caffè Garibaldi’s decaf coffee because if you’re going to drink decaf, it better one hell of a coffee and this one has all the flavour, body and balance of a normal coffee without the caffeine.

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Our Gimoka and Gran Caffè Garibaldi espresso ranges are specifically designed for Nespresso machines. Designers spent years making them so they’re a perfect fit, which means they work just as well as a traditional Nespresso capsule and won’t harm your machine in the slightest. The brew process isn’t put under any extra strain when you use our compatible capsules and the coffee produced is just as good, if not better. Also Nespresso has repeatedly stated that using compatible capsules won’t void your warranty, so even if something goes pear shaped (which it won’t), you’re still covered. So sit back, relax and dream of Italy. Oh, and save hundreds of dollars a year drinking our not only cheaper, but also authentically Italian coffee!
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