How to pimp an affogato

Everyone knows how to make an affogato. Sheesh, it’s just coffee and ice cream. A. No. Brainer. So why do we pay $14 for it on a dessert menu? Especially when you can make it at home with your trusty pod machine. But even better, when you pimp it like we do in this post. Read on friends…

As with everything on this website, it all starts with the #coffee. We’re using Gimoka’s Cremoso because it’s a great intensity coffee. Strong enough to stand on its own against the creamy ice cream, but with notes of biscuit and dried fruits, which pair beautifully with the stuff we’re about to pimp this affogato with.

Now this is the ultimate party food. Forget lolly bars or chocolate party bags. Italians do it better after all, so next time you’re throwing a casual get together with friends, treat them to this super simple affogato bar instead. It takes almost no time to organise. All you have to do is turn on your coffee machine, line up those pods and put all the extra bits and pieces in bowls. What you use up to you. This is what we’re rocking with:

– flavoured dark chocolate – orange, chilli and hazelnut or chopped up candy bars
– salted caramel
– marshmallows
– savoiardi
– fresh fruit
– nougat (because everyone loves nougat)

Aaaand… waffles. Yeah, laugh now. There is an online/all-American craze at the moment called the ‘wafflegato’ – no joke. Waffles, ice cream and coffee, how can we say no?

As for the bones of the affogato, it’s pretty simple. Chill your glasses before the party in the freezer. Vanilla ice cream is a must-have, but there’s no reason why you can’t offer guests different types of gelato. Our personal favourite, Belgian white chocolate.

Brew your espressos short and to order and pour over your ice cream and treats. And since this is a grown-up party, spike those babies with Frangelico, Cointreau or Amaretto. The combinations are endless, but we lost our beans over mint Cadbury chocolate, espresso and ice cream. It was like Christmas in June.

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