THE SCOOPThe name L’Emporio is synonymous with luxury, exclusivity and everything European. In Italy, you’ll find empori in cities like Rome and Florence. They’re the boutiques that have been open for generations and are beloved by the locals who followed their parents and grandparents through the winding streets to their open doors. These are not necessarily expensive places to shop, but rather the destinations where you will find niche products. Products still made artisanally and well.

We chose the name Emporio for our online coffee boutique because that is exactly what we are doing. A couple of years ago, we fortuitously stumbled into a Florentine café on a freezing winter’s morning. Here we drank the best espresso of our lives and when we returned to Melbourne, we couldn’t get it out of our heads.

So we hopped back on a plane to Italy and in our very scratchy Italian asked the barista what coffee he used.

The café used Gimoka, a coffee brand we’d never heard of. Gimoka started as a family-owned roasting house on Lake Como (where George Clooney lives). Local restaurants and bars would come to the house to have their own special blends of coffee prepared, roasted and ground. That’s exactly what the café in Florence does, along with hundreds of other Italian cafés. Gimoka is now the fourth largest coffee roaster in Italy.

We chose them for a pretty selfish reason. We wanted the authentic bar coffee that we had had in Florence in our Melbourne kitchen every day. We were lucky. Gimoka had recently started producing Nespresso compatible capsules – these are capsules that are made to work with your Nespresso machine at home. They won’t break it or void your warranty, don’t worry.

Gimoka doesn’t make single origin coffee. It sources its beans from all over the world and mixes, roasts and grinds them into blends to suit every taste. The coffee they seal in the pods you buy on our website is the same as that served in bars and cafés across Italy. And because Italy is the coffee capital of the world, Gimoka’s capsules don’t cost the earth. In fact, they’re cheaper than anything you’ll find in the stores at home. We ship the capsules from Como to Melbourne to you. You pay the same price per box as the Italians do for a truly satisfying and authentic espresso at home.

While researching Gimoka, we stumbled across their high-end brand – Gran Caffè Garibaldi. Named after the Italian legend who united the first republic, this artisan coffee company produces a very small and niche selection of products. They’ve joined forces with Gimoka to bring their single origin coffee to Italian homes. We don’t usually like single origin coffee, but Gran Caffé Garibaldi’s were impossible to resist. Their beans are grown by small producers and only the best Arabica and Robusta beans are used. Gran Caffé Garibaldi doesn’t make large quantities – they can’t – so instead they produce coffee that is the perfect expression of its terrior and whose subtle flavour changes from harvest to harvest.

We chose to also bring you Gran Caffé Garibaldi because everyone needs a little luxury in their lives.

For more info about Gimoka and Gran Caffé Garibaldi, check out the about the coffee page

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