Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Coffee Loving Mum

You just got mum to stop drinking Nescaffe, so now it’s time to pamper her before she turns back to the dark side.

Mother’s Day is hard. When you’re a kid, you can just give her something you made or something you bought from the school mother’s day sale, but once you hit adulthood, those fluffy slippers and World’s Best Mum cup start to look… well, a bit cheap.

No stress, we got you covered. Obviously, you can’t just give her coffee (or can you?) for Mother’s Day, but some of the good Italian stuff combined with one or all of the options we’ve laid out in our ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide will get her smiling.

We’re biased, but it sure beats chocolates and flowers. Especially since really good Italian coffee is the gift that keeps giving. After all, every time mum reaches for that box of pods – and not that horrible jar of Nescaffe mice pellets – she’ll think of you and how nice it is to have a kid who cares about what she drinks day in day out. And hopefully, that will earn you enough brownie points to make her forget all the shit things you did as a terrible teen

So have a read through our Mothers Day gift guide, pick out something you like and add a couple of boxes of our Italian Nespresso coffee pods for good measure.

Then buy a nice box, grab some tissue paper and a ribbon and bask in all the compliments you’ll get for outshining your siblings and their rubbish presents!

Gift guide for all those coffee loving mums


Bodum sugar and creamer set for when visitors stop by!

Psst. It’s lacquered with a 24k gold coating for added lustre – so definitely find some way to slip that into conversation.

$70 from Myer


Agatha Christie’s Black Coffee

Hercule Poirot visits a famous physicist, Sir Claud Amory, but discovers he has been murdered… Mum probably already knows who did it.

$14 from Book Depository


Mustard’s Sassy Cat travel mug

Because she’s… well, sassy and she knows good coffee is never served in a polystyrene takeaway cup.

$25 from Asos


Villeroy and Boch espresso cup

Delicate floral and all things mumsy, as long she promises to actually use it and not just admire it in the cupboard.

$40 from David Jones


Royal Albert 3 tier cake stand

Nobody said Afternoon Tea had to strictly be served with tea and not amazing Italian espresso.

$120 from Royal Albert

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