Gimoka made its name as a family-owned roasting house (casa del caffè). In fact, you can still visit the roasting house on Lake Como today if you’re keen to try the brews fresh from the roaster. Originally Gimoka only supplied professional baristas, restaurants and bars all over Italy.

A couple of years ago, the family decided to put its decades of experience to the test by making coffee for the average Italiano. Now the fourth largest coffee roaster in Italy, Gimoka fills 16 million cups of espresso a day.

Gimoka makes compatible capsules for almost every brand from Lavazza to Nespresso. We’ve chosen to bring their Nespresso capsules to Australia because we had a Nespresso machine at home and because most people have one too – thanks Mr Clooney.

But Gimoka didn’t just make capsules that fit into your Nespresso machine perfectly (without breaking it or voiding the warranty), they went the extra mile to design their own capsule system.

Gimoka is one of the only companies on the market – and the only Italian company – to have self-sealing capsules. Basically, your average capsules have these little holes in their surface. This helps the water flow in and make your coffee, but it does nothing to stop oxygen and moisture getting in. You know that amazing coffee smell? That’s actually your coffee losing its flavour as it’s exposed to air and moisture.

With those capsules, you have to keep them tightly wrapped up in their plastic container and pray. Even if you drink 15 coffees a day, the best espresso is made from coffee that was roasted less than a week before and the capsules on the supermarket shelves are already months old before you buy them.

Gimoka’s capsules, on the other hand, are packaged immediately after roasting. Each capsule creates its own super tight seal, which forms a completely oxygen and moisture free environment. You can keep these capsules lying around on your counter top for months and they won’t lose their flavour.

Gimoka’s capsules don’t contain any BPA and are made of fully recyclable Polypropylene plastic. Once the capsules have been used, simply put them in your organic recycling. The coffee can be scraped out and put in your food recycling or compost bin for your plants!

For more info about Gimoka and Gran Caffé Garibaldi, check out the about the coffee page

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