To order our Nespresso compatible capsules online, all you need to do is pick, click and pay. Gimoka sources its coffee fairly and directly from growers all over the world and is a member of the Fairtrade organisation 4C Coffee Association. Coffee tasting experts travel to the various farms and taste each crop before it’s shipped. The beans arrive green at Gimoka’s roasting house (casa del caffè) on Lake Como, Italy, where they are roasted in small batches using artisan methods. Each bean variety is given a different treatment and each blend is roasted separately to ensure the perfect cup of coffee.

The beans are packaged immediately after roasting in auto-sealing capsules. This creates an oxygen and moisture free environment, so you coffee stays fresh for months.

Our coffee is available in boxes of ten capsules. These are Nespresso compatible capsules, which means they are made specifically for your Nespresso coffee machine at home. They won’t damage the machine or void your warranty, don’t worry.


To order our Nespresso compatible capsules, head to our shop page and pick the blend that resonates with you. Gimoka doesn’t make single origin coffee, but blends that have been studied and masterfully crafted over generations to make the best coffee whatever time of day or night.

Once you’ve picked your favourite, you can order a single box of ten capsules or more. Shipping is calculated depending on how many boxes you choose. Shipping is free if you buy ten or more boxes.

We ship with Australia Post to ensure your coffee gets to you quickly and safely. Our coffee has made quite the journey to reach your kitchen. From the growers in Asia and Central America to the roasters and coffee masters on Lake Como to our boutique in Melbourne, this is the best Italian espresso coffee available Down Under. It’s also the best priced, costing less than the stuff you’ll buy at your local supermarket and no one needs to make a coffee run to get it!

For more info about shipping and delivery, check out our FAQ page. 

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