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10 capsules per box.

Compatible with all Delonghi/Breville Nespresso® machines and original Nespresso® machines including Le Cube, all Essenza models, all Pixie models, all Citz models, all Latissima models,  all U models, Maestria and Inissia.


Better known as coffee caviar, this the coffee you don’t break out for guests, but keep for yourself! A single origin, premium espresso, Jamaica Blue is unique, full-bodied and mellow with flavour notes of chocolate, a hint of berry and a light cocoa aftertaste. 

Everyone knows James Bond likes his martinis “shaken not stirred.” But when it comes to coffee, Agent 007’s beverage of choice — at least in the novel Live and Let Die — is a Blue Mountain brew from Jamaica.

Only the best for Britain’s debonair spy.

One of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world, this is our only single origin coffee. It’s grown in the Blue Mountains, on the eastern side of Jamaica. Caressed by warm and humid breezes, the mountain range’s peaks exceed 2,200 metres above sea level. High on the mountain’s slopes, Arabica plants brought from Martinique in the 18th century are well laid out on fertile terraces, irrigated by pure water streams and shaded by avocado trees and bananas.

Source: Blue Mountains, Jamaica, single producer
Blend: 100% Arabica
Roast a light roast in small batches
Intensity: 5/5
Body: 5/5
Finish: 5/5

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About Caffè Corsini

Founded in 1950 in Arezzo by Corsino Corsini, Caffè Corsini quickly grew from small workshop to a high-end coffee roaster that stands out among Italian coffee companies for its commitment to sustainable, single origin luxury coffees. The beans are sourced directly from small producers in Colombia, Brazil, Jamaica, Kenya, India, El Salvador, Ethiopia and Guatemala with a view to environmental, economic and societal sustainability.

We were particularly drawn to Caffè Corsini’s Jamaica Blue single origin blend because it is simply luxurious. Considered the caviar of the coffee world, Jamaica Blue is earthy, sweet and chocolatey with a deep, dark cocoa note. But if you’re going to splurge, you deserve to splurge with a clear conscience. Caffè Corsini’s coffee roasters travelled to Jamaica’s Blue Mountains to select the best beans and producers personally. The green beans are picked, packed and shipped to Arezzo in little more than a day, then expertly roasted and packaged in capsules to preserve every ounce of flavour. All the paper, cardboard and plastic used for its capsules are recycled to produce capsules that are also 100 per cent recyclable.

Today Caffè Corsini roasts more than 4,500 tons of coffee, making it one of Italy’s principal artisan coffee producers. This isn’t mass produced, take-over-the-world-one-chain-at-time coffee. This is Italian coffee at its finest. Quality over quantity. The coffee you don’t want to share with guests, but hoard all for yourself. And we are proud to be the official and only Australian distributors of Caffè Corsini’s artisan line.

Our Gimoka and Gran Caffè Garibaldi espresso ranges are specifically designed for Nespresso machines. Designers spent years making them so they’re a perfect fit, which means they work just as well as a traditional Nespresso capsule and won’t harm your machine in the slightest. The brew process isn’t put under any extra strain when you use our compatible capsules and the coffee produced is just as good, if not better. Also Nespresso has repeatedly stated that using compatible capsules won’t void your warranty, so even if something goes pear shaped (which it won’t), you’re still covered. So sit back, relax and dream of Italy. Oh, and save hundreds of dollars a year drinking our not only cheaper, but also authentically Italian coffee!
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