Why we’re better than Nespresso

Yeah, sounds conceited we know, but a lot of people roll their eyes at Nespresso compatible capsules. They think they’re the home brand of coffee. The cheap stuff you buy when you can’t afford Nespresso. To borrow from Donald J Trump, that’s a lie! We can’t speak for everyone, but our Nespresso compatible capsules aren’t just cheaper than George Clooney’s bosses. They’re better.

Reason 1: We’re cheaper

Face it, everyone is looking for a bargain. Cards on the table, our Gimoka pods cost .049 cents per pod. Nespresso’s cheapest pods are 0.68 cents per pod. Our artisan label, Gran Caffè Garibaldi, which makes small batch single blend coffee costs 0.55 cents per pod. We hate math, but the numbers don’t lie.

On the Nespresso website, you can’t buy less than 50 pods. That’s a minimum order of $34. Shipping is free only when you buy 200 or more pods and the average shipping cost is $6. That’s a lot of money and pods for something you mightn’t like.

At L’Emporio, shipping is free when you spend $49 or more and our shipping cost is $9 whether you buy 1 box or 100 boxes. We’re not fussed.


Reason 2: We’re made in Italy

George Clooney can trade his shoes for as many espressos as he likes on Lake Como. It won’t change the fact that Nespresso is part of Nestlè, which is a Swiss company and the Swiss aren’t exactly famous for their coffee.

Gimoka, on the other hand, is Italy’s third largest coffee roasters after Illy and Lavazza. Every coffee grain is selected, roasted, blended, packaged and shipped from the family roasting house on Lake Como. Gimoka has been making coffee for more than 30 years. It started supplying local families, restaurants and bars and now it applies the same generations’ old experience and expertise to making coffee in Nespresso compatible capsules.

This is authentic Italian espresso. Made in Italy by Italians for Italians (and now Australians). No American actor needed.


Reason 3: We’re fairtrade

Pour over Nespresso’s website and there isn’t a single mention of Fairtrade anywhere. Not only is Gimoka cerified Fairtrade, but the family-owned company is also a member of world organisations, 4C Association and UTZ, which certify the environmental and economic sustainability of all its coffee.

Gimoka has a team of coffee specialists that travel to plantations in South-East Asia and South America. There they personally source and sample all the coffee that is shipped green to Lake Como. They work fairly and directly with farmers to ensure they’re being supported and properly represented. They also make sure the coffee that lands in your cup isn’t destroying communities or the environment, so you can rest easy.

Reason 4: We’re recyclable

Nespresso’s pods are recyclable, but so are ours. Our pods are made from BPA-free plastic. Once you’ve enjoyed your coffee, you can simply scrape out the grains, put them in your compost or use it in these awesome ways, then chuck the pod in your recycling bin.

Unlike most other pod companies, each Gimoka and Gran Caffè Garibaldi pod is sealed in a moisture and oxygen free environment, which means it won’t lose its flavour and aroma no matter how long ago you opened the box. It also means that we can reduce our carbon footprint by packaging our coffee in one recycled cardboard box instead of individual packets like the other brands do.


2 thoughts on “Why we’re better than Nespresso

  1. Ian McFarlane says:

    Just sampled your coffee and I can honestly say that Nespresso capsules are just not in the same ball park, either in terms of flavour profiles or freshness and aroma.

    • Elisa says:

      Thanks for positive feedback Ian.
      We will be receiving a new shipment from Italy in the coming weeks with brand new varieties for you to try. Do try!

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Our Gimoka and Gran Caffè Garibaldi espresso ranges are specifically designed for Nespresso machines. Designers spent years making them so they’re a perfect fit, which means they work just as well as a traditional Nespresso capsule and won’t harm your machine in the slightest. The brew process isn’t put under any extra strain when you use our compatible capsules and the coffee produced is just as good, if not better. Also Nespresso has repeatedly stated that using compatible capsules won’t void your warranty, so even if something goes pear shaped (which it won’t), you’re still covered. So sit back, relax and dream of Italy. Oh, and save hundreds of dollars a year drinking our not only cheaper, but also authentically Italian coffee!
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